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Tanuku Municipality is 4th largest ULB in the West Godavari District of A.P. it is spread over an area of 24.83.Sq.kms. with a population of 90430 (2011 census). It is known for / famous for its Rocket Fuel Manufacturing Unit.


It is located 165 kms. From Capital City (Amaravathi ), and 72 kms. From District Headquarters. It was established as Grade II Municipality in the year 1979 and upgraded as Grade I in the Year 2002. There are 34 Election Wards in this Municipality.


Climate and Rainfall

Tanuku Town, in general, has a tropical climate, winters last from November to February, while summers last from March to June. The annual rainfall is 313.4 mm, most of it received during the months of April to June.


The population of the town which was 68,224 in 2001 increased to 90,430 in 2011 including 3 Grampanchayat recently Merged in to Tanuku Municipality with an increase of 32.54% in the last decade. The sex ratio is 1031 females per 1000 males. The literacy is 81% 82% of the male population and 80% of the female population are literate.


As per the Annual Income for the Municipality from all the sources like property taxes, Water taxes, Education Taxes, License fees, Remuneration enterprises and Town Planning Department extra is expected Including all Government Grant as Rs.27.29 crores for the financial year 2016-2017.

The annual Expenditure for the Financial Year as an abstract of various Head is arrived including all Government Grant as Rs.27.26 crores. Hence, it is concluded that the overall economy of this Municipality is difference of the above is concluded as Rs.0.03 crores for the Financial Year 2016-2017.

Environmental Issues

There are certain Environmental trendy programmes are being implemented in this Municipality as per the Guidelines and Instructions of the Government & Central Government issued from time to time under Solid Waste Management 2000 rules as well as IHHL Toilets Construction implementing under Swach Bharath and Swacha Andhra in this Municipality. A Drive for Mas Plantation was also conducted and planted 12,000 No. of seedings under Tree Plantation Programme.

Urban Poor

There are certain welfare activities for Urban Poor poverty have been taken up in to this Municipality as sanctioned by the Government under various Schemes as follows.

No.of SHGs - 890

No.of Slum Level Federations - 25

No.of Town Level Federations - 1

No.of SHGs Under Bank Linkage

2015 – 2016 - 479/771.15 199/561.80

2016 – 2017 - 452/1108.57 8/28.50

No.of SHGs Under Capital Infusion - 800 (Rs.240.00 Lakhs)

No.of Persons registered under ABH - 1932

No.of Persons registered under AABY - 590

History & Culture

Right from the ancient times Tanuku has got its own importance and significance in every aspect. Tanuku has its special identification as it is the political origin for the West Godavari District. Tanuku is a feather one's cap as it occupied an eminient position on the world map as a producer and supplier of the Rocket Fuel UDMH-MMD.

The historical River "GOSTHANI" is flowing on the three parts of the town and given an impression to viewers as a peninsula. And it has a spiritual power that anyone who have a bath from this River their sins will be floated away. The surrounding villages have a great historical significance as they stand for a fabulous historical monuments.

Today Tanuku town has its own recognition throughout the world. It has a historical evidence behind the origin of its Tanuku . According to the records of the history its was the capital of the king of gaint TARAKASURA's kingdom TARAKAPURI. The name of the familiar by their own names. This evidence strengthens the historical records. The following historical evidences proves ther records of the various villages that are surrounded Tanuku . In those days the present PALANGI is known as PULANGI(Stall of Flowers) and the CHIVATAM is known as SRIVATAM (The Financial Centre). In those days the paddy go down of TARAKAPURI was today's VADLURU those days SWARNAGARAM( Place of gold) today's PAIDIPARRU. Those days Ratnala Angi (Stall of Crystals) todays RELANGI. After the wedding of Lord PARAMESWARA with PARVATI, they hava born a son KUMARA SWAMY and the happend to be the son-in-law of Devendra. In that time the Tarakasura was negletted by Devendra as a result

Tarakasura greq anger and derocioulsy invaded over devendra. Then Kumara Swamy decended to earth to rescue his father-in-law. The place where kumara Swamy landed is today known as Komaravaram. The place where Indra resided is now called Illindra Parru. The place where all the Angels are stayed is now known as Velpuru ( Place of Angels). The place where Veerabhadrapuram. the place where Uraga Raju resided is known as Undrajavaram. The place where Goddess Vijayalakshmi resided is known as Mahalashmi Cheruvu. The residents of the three words the holy priests are resided a place which is today called as "Vipparru". These are the different evidences that proves that Tanuku has historical significance.

Tanuku is the birth place of the greatest poet in Telugu and the first poet in Telugu language ADIKAVI Nannayya. He conducted an Yagna under "JAMMI" tree and translated Mahabaratha from Sanskrit to Telugu.

In the modern world the technology has been developing but Tanuku is no where least in the world as it successes in a remarkable achievement of manufacturing of ROCKET FUEL UDMH-MMD. The remarkable achievement of Andhra Sugars of manufacturing Rocket Fuel has been given a ground on the world map for India as the fifth country in the world.